Aftershokz Xtrainerz - Black

Open-Ear Design, Bud-Free Pain-Free Listening, Built-In MP3 Player, Bone Conduction Technology, Adjust EQ Settings, 4GB of Memory 1200 Songs, Compatible with Goggles, IP68 Waterproof, Extraordinary Underwater Sound Quality and 8-Hour Battery Life.
Manufacturer: AfterShokz

Features: Open-Ear Design, once you experience bud-free listening, you'll never go back. Free ears means no earphone induced swimmer's ear.

Bone Conduction Leap of Faith. The exceptional audio quality is unimaginable with the current bone conduction technology in the market.

Built-In MP3 Player supports MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV and FLAC audio formats.

IP68 Waterproof built to withstand heavy perspiration and complete submersion in up to 2 meters of salt or fresh water for 2 hours.

Versatile and Secure Fit, easy to wear with your swim caps, goggles and earplugs.

Extraordinary Underwater Sound Quality.

8-Hour Battery Life, crystal clear music for long training sessions.

4GB of Memory Up To 1200 Songs.

2-Year Warranty with the included warranty card of activate the limited 2-year warranty.

What's in the Box: Xtrainerz Waterproof Headphones, USB Cable - Charging Base, Storage Case, Waterproof Earplugs User Manual and Warranty Card.

Old price: £140.00
Price: £126.00